Getting Ideas from our favourite Writers

In this part of our Grange Writers Section we will look at some of our favourite authors to find out how they became writers and where they get their ideas from. Have a look carefully...can you see a link?
 We will also collect lots of examples of great writing to give us ideas and inspiration for our own writing!
The fabulous author Jacqueline Wilson says:
'If you want to write you need to read, lots and lots and lots. The more books you read the more ideas in your head. Relax and enjoy writing and then if in your mid teens you're still keen to be a writer, specialise in art subjects at school and keep writing.

What I want to do it is to try as hard as I can to get others hooked on books. Read to children when they're very little, even with a baby a totally simple book will help. Right throughout small childhood, so by the time they can read themselves they associate reader with fun and laughter. But adults shouldn't stop reading to children even when they can read themselves. They become hooked for life!

Philip Pullman:
One of our favourite books in Year 3 and Year 4 is The Firework Maker's Daughter. Read how the book's author concentrates when he is writing!
Philip writes in a shed in his garden. He always writes three pages a day making sure that he has written at least a couple of lines on a new page, so that he never has to start with a blank piece of paper. He finds tipping his chair, tapping his desk with a ruler and tying up his fingers with little bits of string useful for concentration!

Philip always loved telling stories, and when he was at school he entertained his friends by reading ghost stories to them - or by making up his own.