Children and Family Wellbeing

Dear members of our Grange Family
During this difficult time, it is more important than ever to ensure we look after each other and our mental health. The most important Grange Golden Rule is to Be Kind; be kind to each other and be kind to ourselves!
We will try to find lots of ideas to share on this page that will help us all children and adults!

 As pressures grow on many of our families, please remember we have a team of people at Grange who can listen and offer any help that we can.

Useful Website and organisations

@place2Be   /   - offer a lot of help for children’s mental health

@NSPCC - give families top tip on getting through the challenges of

The Children’s Commissioner has created a guide for children on the Corona Virus (Please see below this letter on the website)


Mindfulness Mondays

Life for all of us at the moment is very different to our usual routines and existence. Quite often, we can become overwhelmed by situations which are beyond our control. Whilst we may not be able to change current events, we can do things to help our minds and bodies cope with them and this principle also applies to children.

Welcome to Mindful Mondays, ideas of things you can do at home with your children, for those times when it does get difficult and perhaps tempers are rising or you just need a break from what you’re doing. Look after yourselves.

Breathing is so important! Try this with your children! We do a lot of activities like this in the classroom, so they should be good at it.