The Grange Curriculum

                                                                   The Grange Curriculum

Our vision for learning at Grange First School

Our school vision is to create an outstanding learning environment in which all of our children are enthusiastic, creative and happy learners with the confidence to express themselves and their ideas and develop their many individual talents.

At Grange First School we want to create an enriched Curriculum of enhanced breadth and depth that ensures ‘every child feels clever every day’. We aim to offer an education that embraces and values children from all backgrounds and that draws on the strengths and experiences of all of our families.

We believe that our curriculum should open doors to new opportunities, ideas and experiences and, above all, promote curiosity and a thirst for lifelong learning. When our children leave us at the end of year 4 they will have the knowledge and skills to equip them for the next stage of learning.

Our curriculum aims to ensure that the requirements of the National Curriculum are delivered in the most innovative, stimulating and creative manner; providing for all of our children a rich and varied programme of activities and learning experiences, within and beyond the school day. We want the Grange Curriculum to be challenging and engaging so that children are curious, inspired and, above all, enjoy learning. Our curriculum recognises that to meet the needs, interests and aspirations of all our learners we need to go beyond the National Curriculum and create a curriculum specifically tailored and responsive to the needs of all of our children and our community. Our children play a key role in determining the content, direction and emphasis of their learning and the Curriculum evolves according to their interests.

Grange Curriculum Drivers

The Grange curriculum is underpinned by a clear whole school vision and a set of Curriculum Drivers. Through consultation we identified three key curriculum drivers that help personalise our curriculum and respond to the needs and interests of the children at Grange First School in the 21st Century. Our drivers are areas that we value as a school; they give focus to learning opportunities and are embedded throughout teaching and learning, developing the child as a whole. Our topic planners share with parents how we reinforce these priorities in our daily learning experiences. 

Resilience: Our Curriculum is designed to build up our children’s confidence and resilience. We want all of our pupils to relish challenges, to embrace their mistakes as part of the learning process, to value the importance of effort and to respond thoughtfully to feedback. We want our children to show independence in their learning and choices

Community: We believe that it is important that our children have a strong awareness of their community and locality, of whom they are and where they fit in the world. We want our children to understand, celebrate and uphold core values of respect, tolerance and understanding that allow the many different communities and groups that we all come from to live and grow together in one Grange community. We believe that successful learning depends on a positive partnership between home, school and the wider community and we seek opportunities for our children to become involved in their community and develop partnerships that raise understanding of each other, show children the role they play in their locality, provide positive role models to our children and build up their skills and knowledge.

Creativity and Enquiring minds: We encourage active learning through exploration, enquiry, investigation and structured play using first hand experiences wherever possible. We recognise that technology is a part of our children’s natural environment and embrace a wide range of technology as an essential tool for learning. We provide a range of opportunities for children to develop, use and refine key knowledge, understanding and skills, and to practice and apply them regularly in different contexts.

How to find out more

We are always looking for new ways to inform parents about our Curriculum. Every half term a parent information sheet goes home that outlines the key learning of the weeks ahead. Across school we have regular drop-ins, parent consultations, events and workshops that focus on key areas of the Curriculum and allow parents to ask questions as well as to experience aspects of their child's learning. We bring in local consultants and experts to work with our parents and community and support their understanding of Curriculum changes.  Finally, we pride ourselves on being an open school in which parents are always welcome to come and talk to us in detail about their child's learning and the Curriculum we follow.