Half Termly Homeworks

Homework At Grange - Learning Together At Home                           

We have thought hard about what is the purpose of homework at Grange and have agreed that we want homework to:

  • Support children to rehearse vital skills through practice that is little and often.

  • Share an understanding of the learning we are doing in class with parents at home and to support home-school dialogue.

  • Create good learning habits and support our children to see that learning happens in and out of school.

  • Create an enjoyable shared time for children and parents.

  • Allow children the chance to show what they can achieve. 

Every child is given a half termly sheet with all the homework tasks on it. This gives more flexibility, for example if you have a busy family weekend you may prefer to complete a task during the next week. There will also be opportunities for children to do more if and when they have time. Therefore, there, may be less topic activities than there are weeks in the half term. The tasks are designed to be fun, to be learning that can be shared by parents and children and to be easy to understand. They will support the class topic and key areas of learning.

 Reading: As well as being very enjoyable, reading is the key that unlocks so much of our learning. We encourage all of our children to read on a daily basis by themselves and alongside parents. We also hope you will read stories to your children as often as possible. Reading records are an important way of showing us how much reading a child is doing and each comment works towards their Reading Challenge Awards.

Spellings: On each sheet there will the key spellings to learn for the half term. These are split in to weekly groups. It is expected that every child will practice the spellings little and often over a week. The teachers will find out how well the children are learning their spellings through weekly checks and most importantly how they are applying them in their books. Ideas for rehearsing spellings will be on the school website and explained at drop-ins. For some children who may not always find spelling easy; there may be fewer spellings to focus on.

Topic Tasks: The selection of tasks gives children more flexibility on when to complete them.

Several tasks will have two options. Where it says ‘Push Yourself’ there will be an optional task that will be more challenging.


Maths: Any maths tasks are designed to be repeated little and often and will focus on number facts, counting up in steps and multiplication and division facts.

Homework Books

Every child will have a homework book with the sheet stuck in. Each week every child in the school will be expected to bring the book in on a Monday for the teacher to see how they are progressing with the tasks, to check work and to praise and celebrate effort. The book will be given back out on the Wednesday. Children are encouraged to write out spellings and any additional learning at home in the book.

At the end of the year the children will be able to take their homework book home to keep as a record of their learning over the year.

If you have any questions please speak with your child’s class teacher.