Internet Safety

Children are increasingly able to access the internet in and out of school. We recognise that the use of new technologies is growing every year and that our children will have many wonderful tools at their disposal that will open up many exciting avenues of learning.

However, this open access to the wider world also holds dangers for children. At school we work very hard to ensure children's use of the internet is supervised, purposeful and safe. The Local Authority supports us in ensuring restrictions are placed on inappropriate sites to prevent access. We also place teaching about the safe use of the internet in a prime position in our curriculum. Each year children are taught using age appropriate materials to:

  • recognise that information on the internet is not necessarily factual and that sources    should be checked
  • know how and where to seek advice and support should anything happen which makes them feel uncomfortable
  • know how to behave online when using social networking sites and instant messaging

Parents are invited to read the E-safety policy on this website. Each year we share E-safety guidance with parents and every  Autumn Term we hold an E-Safety workshops for parents. Staff at school are always available to discuss Internet safety with parents. 

The pdf below provide parents with additional information about e-safety.