Weekly News 23rd January Grange Golden Rules

25th January 2015

Weekly News January 23rd Grange’s Golden Rules             

Do you know all of our Golden Rules?  Are you a Golden Rule Spotter?

We are Kind
We are gentle
We work hard
We look after our school
We listen to people
We are honest

We expect everyone in the Grange family to follow these rules and, by doing so, to keep Grange a happy and successful school.  We are always on the lookout for people who are Golden Rule champions. If you spot a child, teacher, parent or grandparent, who is working hard to keep our rules, please tell Mr Ward or a class teacher.

Everyone knows that Grange children show exceptionally good attitudes in all they do, but as a whole school we are always looking for ways to improve even more! That is why we are having the big push on our school Golden Rules. The school council have taken ideas from every class about how we can create a set of actions to support our rules and Mrs McGreevy has written a great new Golden Rules Song.

Our Achievers this week have made great efforts to keep our rules.

Mrs Kidd-Scannell picked all of Reception as special achievers for their imagination and effort creating a book all about the jungle. Have a look inside, but watch out for the poisonous blue frog!

Mrs Stubbs has been sending lots of children to me this week with their work. Finlay and Anna came to see me with their vanishing potions, but then they just disappeared and we haven’t seen them since!
The proud achievers in class 1 were Alfie and Holly who wrote so well about their inventions. Mrs Flynn selected two mathematicians as her achievers. Lewis was picked for his clever problem solving and Chloe-Sarah for working so hard learning how to use new addition methods. There has also been a touch of magic in the air in Year 2. If you want to know how to train a hippogriff, griffin or owl ask a class 2 expert. I was especially impressed by David’s Owl poem.

Year 3 learners have had a great week and there are more people than ever on the good listener ears! Mrs Colvin was especially please with Muntaha and Caleb for their effort with the number challenges. In the Egyptian Tomb, formally known as class 4, the children have been pushing themselves with their writing. Shay and Sam were very proud to show us the Egyptian topic writing they had done.

On Top Table this week we talked about pets and things we would have in our house – Zakirriyah wants a maze! Talisha supplied the weekly joke and Rhiannon told us a funny story about a bear!
All the Top Table stars were chosen for following the golden Rules they were Rhiannon, Jasmine, Ethan, Zakirriyah and Talisha!

Comgratulations Year 3 for being our weekly attendance champs!

Have a Great Week