'Grange is a nurturing, friendly and inclusive school at the heart of the community’


We are very pleased to announce that Grange First is judged a Good School.

At a time of great change in the curriculum and assessment and with a new and increasingly challenging inspection framework, we feel proud that the hard work of all of the Grange Family is reflected in our very positive report.

This report belongs to everyone who is a part of Grange First and, as well as telling us what we are doing well, redoubles our commitment to improve further and to be judged as outstanding in all that we do for your children.

A full copy of the letter can be downloaded below and we will provide a hard copy from the school office for every parent who requests one.

Ofsted commented positively on the atmosphere, ethos and children’s behaviour and attitudes to learning in our school.

Pupils’ behaviour is a strength

You have created a harmonious and safe environment for learning. Pupils thoroughly enjoy school. They appreciate being part of the ‘Grange family’, are happy to attend and eager to learn. Parents value highly teachers’ efforts to keep them informed about their children’s progress and new initiatives. They enjoy working with their children at the focused ‘drop-ins’ that you have implemented. 

Your pupils respond maturely to their teachers’ expectations.

Ofsted praised our Curriculum and our high, above national averages, academic standards.

Pupils are enthused by the engaging curriculum, the on-site forest school and the wide range of educational visits and visitors. They also appreciate the extensive range of extra-curricular activities, including sports, on offer.

The proportion of children who achieved a good level of development in the early years is well above average.  

Pupils make good progress in key stage 1. An above-average proportion reached the expected standard and greater depth in reading, writing and mathematics in 2016.

The proportion of pupils who achieve the standard in the Year 1 check of phonics is above average year on year.  

Key stage 2 pupils make good progress to reach expected standards in reading, writing and mathematics.

Reading is a strength in the school. Pupils learn good early reading skills in the early years. They use their phonic knowledge well to read unknown words in key stage 1. They acquire good habits and develop a joy of reading in key stage 2. Parents support their children by reading with them at home.

The provision for pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities is good. Teachers work actively and in partnership with parents to identify and overcome the difficulties that pupils face.

Strong Leadership and Governance were highlighted.

The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. You, the deputy headteacher and governors have an accurate understanding of the school’s effectiveness. Your plans to improve the school further are focused sharply on improving pupils’ outcomes.

Governance is a strength of the school. Governors are highly skilled professionals who have high ambitions for the pupils, the staff and the school. Governors are extremely knowledgeable about pupils’ assessment information and understand trends over time. They identify accurately strengths and areas for further improvement, and provide a high level of challenge.

We were praised for our efforts Keeping all of our children Safe in and out of school.

The leadership team has ensured that all safeguarding arrangements are fit for purpose and records are detailed and of high quality. You are tenacious in ensuring that vulnerable pupils are kept safe from harm through proactive work with a wide range of external agencies.

Next Steps for Our School

Ofsted agreed with our focus on raising standards for more able disadvantaged pupils and challenged us to improve further. We have been working hard as a school to increase the numbers of our disadvantaged pupils who reach the higher levels in the curriculum. We have had success in this area in recent years, but we know this is still an area for further improvement.

The numbers of children at Grange achieving the higher standards in the curriculum are well above national averages and Ofsted has asked us to continue our whole school push to provide even more challenge for more able pupils in the new curriculum, especially in writing. We have been asked to ensure that:

  • teachers, in all key stages, plan work which challenges the most able pupils and the most able disadvantaged pupils to reach the highest standards, especially in writing.

Ofsted said that Governance and pupils’ behaviour were both strengths of the school and we have been asked to build on that strength by ensuring governors receive even more detail of the small number of incidents that happen in school to review if any trends occur. We have been asked to ensure that:

  • the number and type of behavioural incidents are reported to governors to enable them to carry out their support and challenge role even more effectively.

We hope you will read the full report on the website and we are very happy to discuss any questions you my have.

We hope this report will be another step forward in the growing success of our expanding school and a springboard to ever on-going improvement enriching the provision we offer all of our children and their families.

Mr Ward and the staff of Grange First School.

To read the report and previous reports in full click on the link or download directly.