Our Aims, Ethos and Values

Grange First School Aims, Ethos and Values
Our aims were established by parents, governors, staff and children. These aims alongside our statements of Grange Values and our Golden Rules set out the principles and guidance through which we strive to make our school a happy and successful place for all.
At the heart of our school ethos and our Golden Rules we stress kindness, care and the Grange School Family. We are very proud to call ourselves the Grange First School Family. This family embraces children, teachers, families and our wider community. We aim to model through the way we treat each other, our key values of respect, tolerance, understanding and cooperation. 
As a school, and as individuals, we know there are always things we can improve and we know that by working hard, working together and having the highest expectations we will get a little bit better every day!
We want Every Child to Feel Clever Every Day. Through a wide curriculum , many extra curricula opportunities and a culture of encouragement and targeted praise, we hope that all of our children can come home every day with a feeling of achievement, pride and enjoyment of learning. 

                                  We aim in all that we do;

  • To be a friendly, welcoming school in which everyone feels valued and appreciated.

  • To create a safe, positive learning environment, with high expectations of achievement for all and in which children and adults explore and develop a thirst for lifelong learning

  • To raise levels of attainment and for all pupils, enabling them to achieve their personal best.

  • To provide opportunities for physical, spiritual, moral and cultural development that encourages personal and social responsibility and foster attitudes of respect for self and others.

  • To allow pupils, staff, parents and Governors to grow in confidence and independence, and to experience the value of cooperation.

  •  To develop the ability of pupils, staff and Governors to think and act creatively and with imagination.

  •  To take an active part in our local community and contribute to its development.