Our School

Grange First School is a community school catering for a maximum of 262 boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 9 years. 

Children are taught in mixed ability classes, grouped according to chronological age.  There is a nursery, which currently caters for 52 part-time children in two groups. There are two Reception classes, two Year 1 classes and one class in Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 classes. From 2015 we started admitting two classes in to our Reception and, with an additional class each year, we will be a fully two-form first school in 2019.

The maximum class size is 30 in Key Stage 1. We devote a large part of our budget to ensuring staff/pupil ratios are as low as possible to ensure that are curriculum is as personalised as possible and that all children are able to attain as highly as possible.

Grange First School is part of the Gosforth Schools' Trust; a close working partnership of local first and middle schools. We are also a part of the Gosforth Pyramid of schools consisting of nine first schools, three middle schools and Gosforth High School. Heads and staff of the schools meet regularly to discuss curriculum and organisation, ensuring smooth transition and continuity as children move through the stages of their education in the pyramid.

The present building was opened in March 1949 and was called Gosforth West Infant School.  It became a First School in September 1975, and a Nursery Unit was added. We are very proud that Grange has always been right at the centre of the community.

At present there are 28 members of staff (including the Head Teacher),  two Admin. Officers, 10 Learning Support Staff and a part-time Parent Support Advisor).