Safeguarding: Teaching our children how to keep safe

How does our Curriculum Support Safeguarding of Pupils?

Keeping children safe and teaching them how to stay safe is a key element of our Grange School Curriculum.

Our focus on mutual respect, the golden rules, positive behaviours and the Grange Family; model for all of our children how they should treat others and how they should expect to be treated.

The key curriculum areas in which we embed Safeguarding are PSHE,  Computing, Science and RE.

PSHE: To support pupils with confidence and knowledge of safeguarding issues we ensure our personal, social, health education (PSHE) programme allows lots of opportunities to develop their understanding.

For example:

  • We cover whole school national and global themes across the whole year such as Anti- Bullying week, Safer Internet Day, Safety Week and celebrating diversity

  • E-Safety is a key part of our PSHE work

  • Our PSHE curriculum focuses on ‘Healthy Living’, ‘Relationships’ and ‘Living in the Wider World’ across the year. Each class accesses topics within these as well as through our sex/relationships, drugs and alcohol education curriculum (where age appropriate) to help support their understanding of safety issues. For example learning about people who help us, how to stay safe on-line, healthy relationships, predicting and assessing risk


Family Groups: We explore a range of PSHE themes in our Family Groups. These meetings between children of all ages,  help to create a sense of family in our school and to show our youngest children who they can talk to if they need help in school.

Computing: All of our work in computing starts with a clear understanding of how children can keep themselves safe online. This is supported by workshops for parents and children delivered by our LA ICT consultant.

RE: RE themes help us reflect on our community, on the beliefs of others and to explore our own ideas. We learn about the important part we play in our communities.

 Science: Many of our science themes support children in keeping safe. Throughout the school we look at personal hygiene, keeping ourselves healthy and healthy eating. In all key stages there is a topic based on our bodies that explores all of these themes and is supported by visits and visitors.

 Assemblies: Our detailed programme of assemblies helped children to learn about their community, explore themes of safety and behaviours and meet a wide range of visitors

 Visits and Visitors: We enrich the Curriculum through visits and visitors that support children’s understanding of keeping safe.These include;

  • The School Nurse

  • SunSafe (FACT)

  • Health Visitors

  • The Fire brigade

  • Local Police Officers

  • Travel safety advisors

  • Walk Safety workshops

  • Cycling proficiency

  • Bike Club

  • E-Safety Workshops

  • Personal Safety Workshops for Year 4