SEN: The view of Parents

The results from the SEN questionnaires and the feedback from all of our parents of children with SEND are crucial in ensuring that we constantly look to improve the care, provision and outcomes for every child. We are very pleased with the large proportion of parents who have told us how happy they are with the support we are offering them and their child, but we know there are many areas to build on.
Parents have asked us for more information about the support their child was getting and we worked hard to improve in this area. Parents tell us one of the most informative and useful events of the year is the Intervention Drop-in day.
The feedback from previous years showed us that parents do not feel that their child always has an awareness of their learning targets. This can be a difficult area, especially with very young children, but we know that raising the voice of children with some learning difficulties and engaging them fully with their learning are areas for us to focus on.
Our first action will be to talk to all of our children with SEND in the September/October each year and,through individual interviews, ensure the targets or next learning steps that we set are fully shared, understood an downed by the children prior to the first set of SEND reviews.