The Early Years Curriculum

Teaching and Learning in Grange Nursery


Children come into the Nursery in the Autumn term following their third birthday or the Spring Term following their third birthday. Here they receive a fantastic start and get opportunities to explore, investigate, learn skills of independence and the joy of learning in a large, light, safe and stimulating environment. The children are encouraged to organise themselves, to talk, to listen to stories, to learn rhymes and songs, to paint, to write and ask questions. They are given the opportunity to extend their physical dexterity and to find out about making relationships with adults beyond their families and with other children.


The Nursery is an important part of Grange First School and there are opportunities for pupils to become involved in the life of the school. Predominantly, the children use school facilities inside the Nursery unit but also use other areas of the school regular basis. In the summer term the children have an increasing number of opportunities to work alongside the Reception children to aid the smooth transition from Nursery to Reception.


The main objective of the Nursery year is to establish a firm foundation of skills and interest in learning, on which the child will build as they progress through their education. We aim to enrich the overall development of children, emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually and to promote self-confidence, independence and a sense of responsibility.



Foundation Stage Curriculum


In the early years of their education (Nursery and Reception), children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which is the statutory curriculum for this age group. This covers the following areas of the children’s learning:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This includes developing self-confidence, learning to respond to expectations of behaviour, and knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Communication, Language and Literacy

We focus on developing the ability to talk confidently and clearly and to listen carefully. We encourage children to enjoy stories, songs and poems, to recognise letters and the sounds that correspond to them, and to read and write an increasing range of familiar words.

Mathematical Development

We use rhymes, songs and games to develop an understanding of maths. The children learn to count in various ways, to recognise numbers and order them. They experience activities involving weighing and other types of measurement and are made aware of shapes and space.

Physical Development

We teach the children to move confidently, control their bodies and use simple equipment like bean-bags and balls.

Creative Development

The children have the opportunity to make a wide variety of things, to explore colours and shapes, and to listen to and make their own music.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

This area is concerned with exploring and finding out about the world, and learning to ask questions about it. The children find out about past events in their lives and their families’ lives. They will start to find out about different cultures and beliefs.

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