Welcome from the Chair of Governors

Introducing the Grange First School Governing Body

Grange is a school where pupils are cared for, supported and given confidence to learn in a secure and welcoming environment. As Governors, we share this ethos and work with the school, challenging and supporting it, to ensure that it delivers the highest quality education for your children.

Alongside the Headteacher (who is responsible for the day to day management) we set the schools aims and policies and act as a ‘critical friend to the Headteacher and school to raise standards, attainment and achievement.

We would like to introduce you to the Governing Body at Grange First School.

 The role of the governing body

As a voluntary group of community, parent and staff members, we are dedicated and committed to ensuring that our school works hard to provide the best possible education, learning environment and sense of well-being for our pupils. Whereas our Headteacher is responsible for running our school, a Governor’s role is a strategic thinking and questioning one. We look at the bigger picture; planning and setting strategies for the continued improvement of our school. We monitor overall school performance and evaluate it, constantly striving to raise standards. We monitor whether school finances are being used most effectively to ensure the delivery of high standards of teaching and learning. We ensure that our Head Teacher is being effective by providing him with support and challenge. We work with staff to concentrate on particular areas of focus and we champion all our staff in their essential roles.

 How we carry out the role

We all meet together four times a year. Smaller subcommittees meet three times a year to focus on key areas such as Finance or Teaching, Learning and Achievement. Individual link Governors are assigned to each area of the School Improvement Plan, such as Curriculum Development or Special Educational Needs. In our role as a Link Governor, we visit the school several times across the year to meet with key staff, look at work and talk to pupils to see how that area is being delivered within school. We monitor whether it is in line with the school plans and strategies. This information is fed back and discussed with the rest of the Governing Body. We have representatives who sit on committees linking into the wider Gosforth Schools Trust. We also spend time in training to ensure that we are supporting our school in the most effective way, and to keep our knowledge up to date.

 Parent Governors

Parent Governors don’t speak on behalf of the parents, but may bring a parental perspective to the Governing Body. Understanding parent’s opinions helps the Governing Body to make good decisions and to be in touch with the parent/carer community. Parent governors are elected by parents in the school and anyone is welcome to stand for an election when a vacancy occurs. You will likely spot the Parent Governors in the yard and you are welcome to come and talk to us about our roles. We can’t solve specific problems you may have or deal with complaints as these should always go straight to the school. Please see your class teacher, Mr. Ward or Mrs. Kidd-Scannell with any issues you may have,

 We place great importance on the relationship parents/carers have with the school and value any suggestions and comments you would like to make. To contact the Chair of Governors, Jenny Davidson, please call, email or drop a letter into the school office and she will contact you as quickly as she can. You can also contact us on the school website

Collectively we work with the head teacher and staff to ensure that your child achieves his/her full potential.

Jenny Davidson

Chair of Governing Body