What Our Parents Say About Grange First School!


The ethos of Grange shines thorough in all of the children. Well done for making this such a fab school where the children love to come every day.

Grange has a very enthusiastic, personal and caring environment. She really enjoys school and I hope that lasts for many more years.

Fantastic staff...fantastic school!

All of our thanks for the great spirit you promote in Grange every day. We are proud our children are part of it.

Exceptional school! We feel a part of Grange school and the girls receive support, guidance and care whilst at school.

He enjoys every moment of school life and has thoroughly enjoyed having Mrs ____ as his teacher over the last year. She is passionate about teaching and this shines through in the discussions we have at home about the school day.

  ____________is really happy at school and we are impressed with both the academic input and pastoral care given by the school. We feel she has made excellent progress.

We would like to thank the Mrs _____ for all the help she has given over the past year…we feel so lucky that you moved with him, you truly are a fantastic teacher.

Grange has a very enthusiastic, personal and caring environment. She really enjoys school and I hope that lasts for many more years.

I have to commend the staff for the excellent work, care and support for my child’s learning journey so far.

Mrs ______ is nothing short of brilliant 

Thank you for all the care and support. His confidence has grown enormously this year.

Grange has been fantastic at meeting the individual needs of our child.

He loves school and is always excited about what he is doing and what is planned.

He always comes home with information on each subject –that is a credit to all staff members at Grange.

It was lovely to hear about all of the activities she participates in. An excellent report!

I would like to thank the Reception team for all the support they given this year…they have been great.

She has really enjoyed her time at Grange First and will miss you all.

He has thoroughly enjoyed Reception year.

He loves coming to Grange First School. He is learning so much and growing in confidence.

He has really enjoyed class topics and comes home keen to tell us about what he has learned.

 He has had a fantastic five years at Grange first school; every member of staff has been instrumental in his development both academically and personally.

 My children love Grange and in 9 years I have never had an issue. I find the staff understanding and approachable.

 My only wish is that she had been at the school from the beginning and would have then developed further!  We are delighted with the progress she has made at Grange First School.

 We would like to thank you for all your support at this wonderful community school where we have felt part of the Grange family.

 We feel so lucky that _____ goes to such a wonderful school and works with people who are truly committed to helping him.

 ______ enjoys every minute of school life. His teacher is passionate about teaching and this has shone through in the discussions we have at home at about his school day!

 ______has had a remarkably happy 5 years at Grange. Not once during this time has she ever complained about not liking school or any of the adults/children there. She has turned into a clever, confident and kind little girl. All the grown-ups at Grange have played a part in making her such a great person. Thank you very much!


We both think Grange is a lovely school and ________loves going there. The staff all work very hard to make learning exciting and enjoyable for the children. _________has learned so much and become such a confident boy in his time at Grange.

 __________has really blossomed this year and I look forward to seeing her grow over the next four years.

We are so happy with the progress she has made this year – she is now definitely a member of the Grange family!


We are happy to say that  _________is a member of Grange First School – having lots of themes and extra activities involves the whole family and make the school a real part of our lives. 

I would like to thank all of you wonderful teachers as you truly help to make Grange the positive, caring place it is!

____________leaves for school each morning with a bounce, excited to find out what she will be learning each day. I would like to thank the staff for such a fantastic job they are doing making my child so happy to come to school.

 The school is a great environment for my child to learn and express himself and develop. The staff provide an interesting and stimulating learning /teaching process for my son which he fully embraces.

 We have been extremely happy with the education  _________ has received at Grange and would like to thank all the staff for their hard work.

Thank you to all the staff for making her experience so rich and rewarding

Thank you for encouraging _____ to grow in confidence and enjoy school.

Thank you to the fantastic (Reception) team who kept __ interested and enthusiastic throughout the year!

 Once again we feel  _____________ has had a wonderful year at Grange. He continues to enjoy going school every day and has loved the sporting activities that have been on offer this year – we are delighted at the progress he has made academically also.

 We can happily say _____________enjoys so many aspects of his school life so much. There’s an amazing range of activities!

We’re so grateful for the tremendous effort of all staff at school…and would like to sincerely thank you all.


 Thank you for making __’s first year at school a really positive experience.


A very enjoyable and positive year for  _____________ The year has passed by far too quickly!

 The help and support my child gets as a SEN child is outstanding. There is always someone there for me to talk to about any issue she may have and the staff do their utmost to help.

The teachers and all support staff are excellent!

 The school does so much with the kids over the year and we do appreciate all the hard work you do to make school such a pleasant place for  ______

 We are so proud of her achievements and feel it is mostly down to the enthusiasm and dedication of her teachers that she has done so well. The range of activities and time given by the staff is greatly appreciated.


__________has had a fantastic time at Grange. This is due to the effort that all staff put in to ensure each child gains a broad and balanced curriculum. ___________will leave with so many happy memories –thank you.

 A big thank you to everyone for getting _____ to such a wonderful point in her education as she takes her next step to middle school.

 ________has made excellent progress since she started. I am really pleased with everything the school and Mrs _____ has done for her.

 ____________has made so much progress during her time in year 4. I think a lot of this is due to Miss__________. She is a lovely teacher and always has time to chat!